Sunday, June 13, 2021

Charlie's Angels, beautiful dolls, so beautiful

 Charlie's Angels dolls 1977

In my memory, the song went "Beautiful dolls, so beautiful," but it turns out to be "beautiful dolls, oh how beautiful."

Charlie's Angels dolls 1977

Does she look like Farrah Fawcett?  

She's very pretty.
Charlie's Angels Jill doll Farrah Fawcett

Does she look like Jaclyn Smith? 

It's a good likeness.
Doll hair is always a mess. 

Charlie's Angels doll, Jaclyn Smith as Kelly

Does she look like Kate Jackson? 

The face is right, but the hair is wrong.
Charlie's Angels doll, Kate Jackson as Sabrina

Originally, all three came in jumpsuits: Jill in white with a green scarf, Sabrina in red with a blue scarf, and Kelly in yellow with a red scarf -- possibly for her side gig in fast food.

I was very resentful of Cheryl Ladd moving in as Kris, so I didn't want her doll at the time, despite her green jumpsuit.

The dolls also had outfits you could buy separately. I remember how excited I was to get my Dad to buy me Jill's skateboard outfit in a toy store out of town. The saleswoman said they had a case for the dolls, went in back to get it, and returned to say sorry, those were still boxed up. That item remains a mystery from my childhood. 

Jill's Skateboard Outfit

In the TV ad, Jill's skateboard ride is faked using editing. I tried and tried to make her stand up on that skateboard. It doesn't work! The white boots have little round tabs front and back to wedge into the skateboard. It only works in theory. 

Charlie's Angels, Jill skateboard close-up

I am the original owner of these dolls. I cut that drawing off the packaging of one of them and have saved it since 1977.  I parted with my Charlie's Angels bubblegum cards in the 80s. 

Apparently they were also "beautiful girls who live dangerously" -- is that really how they wanted to appeal to little girls?  

Charlie's Angels dolls, 1977

On the back they say
(C) 1977
All Rights
Made In
Hong Kong

I have another outfit that gets white "feathers" everywhere and has been shedding now for well over 40 years (dang!) Maybe the ladies will do another photo shoot in the future.

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