Wednesday, May 5, 2021

I've been waiting for you since 1961.

 Yakkity Yob wants to remind you to take good care of your robots.

Yakity Yob robot by Eldon

Yakkity Yob by Eldon

The Eldon Toy Company of Los Angeles made this guy 60 years ago. Yakkity Yob has seen some tough times for toy robots. Still he wants to embrace you.

Yakity Yob robot by Eldon

Take good care of your toys.

Don't let what happened to this Yakkity Yob happen to your beloved robots. If you are good to your toys, they will be GLAD. See:

Yakity Yob robot by Eldon

You can see Yakkity Yob in his prime and learn more about this toy robot at ALPHADROME

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